Jibe Instructor: Nikki



Nikki is a Maine girl through and through with nothing but love for her home state. She discovered her passion for spin three years ago, at a time she needed it most. The bike became her much needed daily escape and she has a strong desire to provide that outlet to others. She wants to inspire riders to push past their comfort zone and embrace their inner strength! You can expect her classes to have lots of quick beats to keep that heart rate pumping. Nikki has a love for all genres of music, but you can look forward to her working in a country song here and there. 

When Nikki is not in the studio, her full-time job as a nurse anesthetist keeps her schedule filled. When she is not working, or kicking ass on a bike, Nikki enjoys skiing any of the New England mountains with her husband or enjoying all of the outdoor beauty Maine has to offer. 

“If we only do what we’re familiar with, we might miss what we’ve been made for.”