Jibe Instructor: Tika



Tika found Jibe when she needed to refocus her energy and find a new direction in her life. She started as one of the OG front desk girls and recently she has found another passion as an instructor. Who would have known the feeling of riding in a dark room could be so empowering? 

Don’t be surprised by her infectious energy right from the start. Her main goal is to have you let go, hit the beat, and reenergize your inner badass. With a mixture of EDM and hip hop she’ll be sure to have you rapping and hitting tons of choreo that challenges you and makes you stronger. 

When she’s not in the spin room you can catch her at the front desk in either Portland or Yarmouth. At home she’s hanging with James Franco and George Clooney (if you know, you know), doing anything outdoors, and popping off in the kitchen.

“Gotta move different when you want different”