Jibe Instructor: Haley


Haley has been searching for that “team” feeling ever since she graduated college and Lacrosse season ended. After her first ride at Jibe she knew that she wanted to dive in headfirst and never look back. She strives for you to take that confidence you build in the spin room over to your everyday life & getting in that habit of leveling up. It’s your time to tune out that outside world & her bubbly personality will make you feel right at home doing so.  

Outside of the studio she is an interior designer working for the largest Design & Architect firm in Maine. Working with people and making their visions come true is one of her passions. When not working or at the studio you can find her creating new recipes, shopping...HELLO TARGET or spending time with her Husband, dogs & chickens on the farm.

"Dream until it's your reality"